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slightly older female friends are truly a force for good in this world


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"I tell my students, ‘When you get these jobs that you have been so brilliantly trained for, just remember that your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else. This is not just a grab-bag candy game.’"

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I am a ((former)) xc runner and I endorse this statement now and forever. 

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living alone is chill

but it’s probably more intense than it is chill

if the ethernet cable only reaches to the kitchen table

you haven’t moved from the kitchen table in hours

you hear your upstairs neighbor singing her baby lullabies

you assume they’re lullabies but you don’t know for sure

because they’re in Bulgarian

and you haven’t used a fork since moving in two weeks ago

are you even like

still breathing

you have no idea how glad i am that you are back on tumblr. my true blue bb, i feel you and i miss you. 

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why is nothing as fun as getting buzzed and listening to Beyonce by myself?